20 Reasons To Use Cani Energy

  1. We are 20% cheaper than the energy providers direct
  2. We can freeze your tariff from going up.
  3. Analysing energy prices/trends to get the best electricity and gas supply contracts.
  4. Saving money by checking and validating utility bills.
  5. Managing your energy usage to identify efficiency savings and minimise cost.
  6. Reporting and reducing their carbon footprint.
  7. Providing expert advice on issues like green energy and government initiatives.
  8. Over 95% of our clients stay with us, year after year.
  9. We believe in simple, impartial, honest advice.
  10. We’re experts in the energy markets and we’re 100% independent.
  11. We speak plain English. No jargon, no confusion – just straight talking.
  12. We’re friendly and easy to do business with.
  13. We guarantee to find you the best deal in the UK.
  14. Everything stays exactly the same.
  15. Dedicated account managers who have time to look after you.
  16. 3 ring answer policy.
  17. We have geniune testimonials on our website.
  18. Direct phone line.
  19. We will show you how to make sense of your bills.
  20. We don’t negotiate, we always give you our best price first time.