20 reasons to use Cani Mobiles

  1. We guarantee to find you the best deal in the UK 
  2. Everything stays exactly the same
  3. Dedicated account managers who have time to look after you
  4. 3 ring answer policy
  5. No ARPU Targets or Commission Schemes
  6. Proactively call our customers monthly
  7. Mid term tariff upgrades and downgrades
  8. Direct phone line
  9. We will show you how to make sense of your bills
  10. We don’t negotiate, we always give you our best price first time
  11. We are 30% cheaper than the Networks Direct
  12. We can apply for extra funding on your handsets
  13. Approved Iphone Stockists
  14. Un-published tariffs
  15. No CCJ's
  16. We always keep our promises prices and phones
  17. We have geniune testimonials on our website
  18. We price match guarantee
  19. We promise to resolve all queries within 24 hours
  20. Free Bill Analysis