Why O2? What makes O2 great for business?

Mobiles, landlines, broadband and much more. Everything you need to keep your business connected, all in one place. We're friendly. We're helpful. We listen. Nine out of 10 businesses that come to O2 stay with O2.

4G from O2 – new possibilities and making what you already do easier

For business that can't afford to stand still, 4G will offer new ways of engaging with customers.  And make existing tasks quicker and easier.  Delivering better business results.

4G will allow you to do more in less time. From streaming video and video calls on the go, to downloading, editing and transferring hefty files and accessing your systems and applications. 4G gives you access to all the information you need on your smartphone or tablet, faster than ever before.

Why use Cani Consultancy?

Cani Consultancy are O2 business partners with our close relationship we can get the best deals to meet your company’s needs. Being specialist with O2 means we can extract O2 strength’s and weakness’s to find the best package to meet your business communication needs.

O2 are the leading provider in the UK for the Apple iPhone but also offer a range of solutions for the Google phone sector, Android. Windows mobile professionals should fear not offering windows mobiles for your work phone.