About Us

Why Choose Cani Group

  • Guaranteed cost savings
  • Award winning customer service
  • Wider spectrum of plans
  • Easier and more up-to-date spend management
  • The latest handsets, devices and technology
  • The fastest data connections
  • Less jargon

Business Specialist

We understand business communications and the importance effective communication can have on your businesses productivity. Cani Group is one of the UK's leading, independent business mobile phone companies. Whatever the size of your organisation, we can help you to reduce company mobile costs, boost productivity and improve service levels with our award winning 24/7 customer support.

Cani Group is a total communications company that specialises in business mobile phones, landlines, broadband and data solutions for all types of businesses. Cani has over 15 years experience in communications and with this Cani has the resources to ensure every business customer makes a significant saving on their existing business mobile phone package, whilst improving-upgrading your old equipment or technology and also providing a superior telecommunication service including around the clock support and an account manager where appropriate.

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Dedicated Account Management

Cani Group are different from your major network providers. We are a dedicated team of individuals that are passionate and knowledgeable about our industry. We know how frustrating it is to get passed from one customer service rep to another when making enquires. At Cani, each one of our customers get a dedicated business account manager that will always deal with your enquires from a direct line, ensuring you always get a prompt and efficient response to your enquiries.

At heart we are consultants and we aim to assist you in all aspects of business communication. Our account managers are here to help and advise you on your business mobile phone needs and we are always willing to answer any questions you may have.