The best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 deals in October 2017

What's that coming over the hill? It's a big, shiny, brute of a device. Part mobile phone, part tablet, all business. It's the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it has a point to prove and it's now available buy from all major networks and resellers!

The best iPhone 8 Plus deals available in October 2017

We feel a bit sorry for the iPhone 8 Plus. Usually Apple's big screen iterative update would be set to be the new daddy of the iPhone family. But this year sees the iPhone X take that mantle and steal its thunder. 

The best iPhone apps to download in 2017

Apps are the cornerstone of Apple's iOS platform. The ecosystem is what sets Apple's mobile platform apart from its rivals, and the highest-quality iPhone apps are typically best in class.

But, like any app store, it is sometimes difficult to find out what are truly the best apps, the ones that stand out from the rest and offer a tool or service that's far beyond anything else available.

There's a bigger problem to think about here: with over a billion downloads from the App Store it can be a nightmare trying to work out which title is for you.

The best Samsung Galaxy S8 deals in October 2017

Notwithstanding of the release of the Galaxy Note 8 and upcoming iPhone X, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is still one of the most impressive phones ever released. On this page you can find, filter and compare all of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 deals currently available in the UK.

The BlackBerry Motion is coming to the UK soon

Having previously only been confirmed for a Middle East launch, BlackBerry has now revealed that the BlackBerry Motion will be coming to the UK before the end of the year.

In fact, you should be able to pre-order it from Carphone Warehouse today for £399, though the listing doesn’t seem to be live at time of writing.

Other stores, including Selfridges, John Lewis, Dixons Travel, Currys PC World, Amazon, Very and Littlewoods, will be stocking the BlackBerry Motion from November.

Android 8.1 is just weeks away and comes with a Pixel 2 hardware upgrade

We expect Android updates to improve the software of our devices, but if you have a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL then Android 8.1 will actually improve the hardware.

Or, more specifically, it will activate a currently dormant image processor chip called the Pixel Visual Core.

The best iPhone 6 deals in October 2017

It may be three years old (doesn't time fly!) and attention is now much more focused on the new iPhone X, but the iPhone 6 is an excellent alternative to costly iPhone 8 deals. So if your contract is up, you're ready to upgrade, want an Apple handset but also want to keep your spending down, then the iPhone 6 is well worth a look.

The best iPhone 6S deals in October 2017

It doesn't take a genius to work out why you've landed on this page, dear reader. You fancy a new iPhone, but the prices you've seen for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 have given you a fright and got you searching around for something a little cheaper. Grabbing an iPhone 6S deal is the obvious solution.

The best iPhone 8 deals available in October 2017

It's over a month now since the iPhone 8 was available to order. As expected, it launched at a very high price, but now tariffs are beginning to calm down and we're managing to secure a throng of excellent exclusive offers from some of the mobile market's leading retailers.

The flurry of falling iPhone 8 deals isn't a massive surprise, considering that sales have been a little flat. It seems that many of you are waiting for the iPhone X to go on pre-sale on October 27.

The best iPhone SE deals in October 2017

The tech world rejoiced when the iPhone SE was released. Finally a new Apple phone that doesn't require you to remortgage your house - unlike the iPhone X! And the prices just keep getting better and better.