Business Broadband Pro

  16 MB Download Speeds
  Fibre Cables
  Upload Speeds from 1.3 to 2.5 MB
  Dedicated bandwidth for your business
  Static IP Address


This can be implemented in most locations regardless of whether or not fibre is currently available.





Why Get Business Broadband Pro

Broadband Pro from Cani Group is engineered to bring the highest-quality Internet connectivity to your business at fiercely competitive prices.

Our Business Broadband Pro range comes with a choice of either 50 GB or unlimited* data download allowances, delivering the very best performance for larger office environments and any business needing to send and receive large amounts of data.

We offer truly outstanding broadband speeds, choose from data upload speeds from 1.3 Mb to 2.5Mb and unleash the true power of business class broadband.

Should you ever need to call upon our friendly team of experts, you can rest assured that our award-winning customer service is available to you around the clock, all year round.