Business Broadband

Super Fast Broadband

  The fastest possible speeds at the busiest times.
  Our network is reliable so you can depend on us.
  Need help? Our Account managers are here to solve your issues.
  Consulted hardware to support your broadband infrastructure.
  Dedicated lines availible.
  Switching is easy, we will do everything for you!

More Than Just Broadband

At Cani Group we understand how important business broadband is to your company and that faults on your line interfering with your connectivity can be of huge inconvenience. 

Although broadband is cost-effective, there comes a point when it no longer meets your business needs. You may need a faster connection, more capacity or just more robust connectivity to support your applications or VoIP solution. 
‘Bonding’ circuits simply joins together the capacity of a number of circuits to increase speed, performance.






We will help you to decide which features, functionality and connections are the best to suit your business. 


Cani Group are totally independent of ANY manufacturer or supplier. we advise on the best solution to suit your needs. 


Analogue, ISDN2, ISDN30 or SIP Trunks can be connected to your system. We will help you pick the best for your business.

System Maintenance

Package that will deal with any problems you may have, delt with quickly and professionally, keeping you operational.



Broadband services include both ADSL2+ and Fibre To The Cabinet (“FTTC”) Cani Group can provide new connections, migrations and upgrades to satisfy customer requirements.  

ADSL2+ can also be delivered as a simultaneous provide when ordering a phone line.  Depending on line and location, ADSL 2+ will provide speeds of up to 20mbps download and FTTC can reach up to 76mbps download.  Cani Group also offers Partners both SDSL and Annex M services.


Ethernet in the First Mile (“EFM”) delivers flexible data connectivity over a choice of 2 copper pairs (up to 10Mbps) or 4 pairs (up to 20Mbps), with a minimum symmetrical speed guarantee of 2Mbps. EFM is proving an ideal replacement for legacy technologies.

Bonded DSL

Bonded DSL is a cost-effective alternative to Leased lines for businesses who find that standard broadband services are no longer adequate.
Bonded DSL combines multiple internet connections to create a single virtual connection providing increased upload and download capacity, improved reliability (99.9% SLA), resilience and speed.
Cani Groups Bonded DSL can provide your business with an alternative to the more expensive access technologies required to deal with demanding environments.

What Is MPLS & MPLS WAN (Wide Area Network)?

Essentially a fast packet data transport service that uses high speed switching architecture instead of the typical routers seen in most IP networks. Switching is faster than routing and can provide security more easily based on the MPLS protocol.

Wide Area Network Solutions

Utilise MPLS technology to link together offices, data centres, remote workers, home workers and disaster recovery sites, allowing servers and network resources to be used and shared effortlessly among staff. 

Benefits of WAN Solutions

  • Make multiple sites act as on homogenous network 
  • Easy to share servers and printers across multiple
  • Single internet breakout, easy to secure by means of firewalls and content filtering
  • Internal network not exposed to the outside world
  • Easy to expand with additional sites
  • No restriction on private fixed IP addresses, making VoIP configurations more secure and easier
  • Cost effective