iPhone Insurance

From £7.99 per month*


1 or 2 Months Free

  Accidental Loss
  Worldwide Cover (60 Days)
  Unlimited Claims
  Accidental & Liquid Damage
*Based on a smartphone worth up to £1000 (iPhone 5) with our executive policy.


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What Is Covered


Including unattended theft from secure vehicle/premises

Unlimited Claims

Claim as many times as you like

Accidental Loss

Mobile phones and tablets only (incl. iPads).

Claim Processing in 48 Hours.

Super fast claiming in just 48 hours.

Accidental Damage

Including water & liquid damage.

Free Months

Free Promotion - 1 or 2 months free.

Extended Warranty

Manufacturers warranty ran out? We got it covered.

Free Back Up

Free Back Up & Live Sync On All Policies.

Worldwide Cover

Worldwide International Cover (60 days)

All Gadgets

All Types of gadgets - Phones, TV's, Cameras, Tablets etc.


**25 GB of free backup to all customers for the first 6 months and 3GB of free backup thereafter. Worth £47.88p/a - Storegate 

Individual Retail Prices

Policy Type Cover Limit Monthly Premium
Economy Any single item £150 £2.49
Simple Any single item £250 £3.99
Standard Any Single item £400 £5.88
Executive Any single item inc iPhone & iPad £1000 £7.99
Computer Cover 1 Laptop/PC £600 £3.99
Computer Cover 2 Laptop/PC £1200 £6.99

Multi Mobile Office Policies

Policy Type Cover Limit Monthly Premium
Economy £150 Any Single Item £150. RRP Replacement £2.49
Standard £400 Any Single Item £400. RRP Replacement £4.99
Executive £1000 Any Single Item £1000. RRP Replacement £7.99
SME Mobile 5 £1000 Up to 5 phones £200. RRP Replacement each £9.99/£1.99
Mobile Office 3 £1500 Any 3 items £500. RRP Replacement each £12.99/£4.33
Mobile Office Std 5 £2500 Any 5 items £500. RRP Replacement each £17.99/£3.60
Mobile Office Exec 5 £2500 Any 5 items £750. RRP Replacement each £21.99/£4.40
Mobile Office 10 £3500 Any 10 items £350. RRP Replacement each £24.99/£2.49

About Gadget Cover

Our gadget cover was created 19 years ago by people who believed that quality products can be affordable.  Now, this many years on, aside from the mobile phone networks and high street retailers who charge far too much for their insurance policies, there are a handful of companies doing exactly what we do by offering similar covers in terms of theft, loss, accidental damage, extended warranty and so on. No big deal!

Where Our Gadget Cover stands out from the crowd (apart from price of course) is that all our policies come with:

  • 1 month free – when you cover your gadgets with us, you'll get 1 month free.  That's 12 months for the price of 11.
  • Unlimited claims – most of our competitors limit this to two per year
  • Low excess fees – we'll never charge you more than £50 in excess fees, unlike the £75 that most companies get away with
  • Fraudulent call cover – we offer a fantastic £2500 cover for fraudulent calls compared to the usual £100
  • Free data back up and live sync – all our customers get 25GB of free data backup for the first six months of their policy, and 3GB thereafter.

Since our launch, we've insured more than half a million people in the UK alone and are proud to be the UK's longest established gadget and mobile insurance provider.  We're committed to providing you the very best cover at the very best price.

Don't believe us?  Take a quote now and see exactly what our gadget cover can do for you.