Mobile Device Management

Complete mobile device management, protecting your remote workforce

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Cani Mobile Management is an easy-to-use cloud platform with all of the essential functionality for end-to-end management of today’s latest mobile devices.

Advances in mobility have supported the rise in remote working, allowing businesses to become more productive, however with this added flexibility, businesses can often feel that there is a loss of control.

Cani Mobile Management allows you full control and provides instant visibility about who is connecting to your corporate data and with which devices.





Cani Groups online portal enables your business to communicate with field-based staff in an easy and instant manner, it could also help you to track down the location of the devices if they have been misplaced or stolen. If this is the case, it will allow you to manage the security settings on the device and, if needs be, remotely wipe it to protect your valuable company data – putting you in full control.

Why Mobile Management?

  • Control – Be in control of complex security and technology issues such as bring our own device (BYOD) in mobile environments
  • Security – Safeguard your company’s data by having the ability to detect security threats such as non-compliant or jail-broken devices
  • Tracking – Keep track of your mobile workers with device location and identification map
  • Monitoring – Control your mobile devices with 24/7 visibility of hardware device details including model, serial number, version and operating system