Why Use Orange?

you're part of the UK's biggest 3G network with 3G coverage for 98% of the UK.  

Because we share networks with T-Mobile, our customers have access to all the 3G masts across both networks. And that means 3G coverage for an amazing 98% of the population..Already, more than 22 million of our customers have benefited from our network sharing, using 326 billion kilobytes of data, making 1.33 billion calls, talking for over 2.8 billion minutes and sending 5.5 billion texts while using signal from the alternate network. Phew, that’s a lot of chat.

Who is Orange?

Orange is the name France Telecom operates under for its Mobile network operations. They are the 5th largest telecommunications operator in the world.

Orange was founded by Hutchison Telecoms a UK mobile phone network which was acquired by France Telecom in August 2000.

The internet service provider Wanadoo in charge of broadband operations was also rebranded to Orange in 2006.

1st July 2010 Everything and Everywhere Limited has taken control of both Orange and T-Mobile in a joint venture. Currently both Orange and T-Mobile are keeping their original branding and shops.  Everything and Everywhere’s network coverage will increase as both networks will be allowing customers to roam on the two networks. This will mean receiving signal where they previously had none.

Why use Cani Consultancy?

Cani consultancy is an Orange business partner. Our experience dealing with orange over the years lets us find the best packages and the cheapest rates to meet your business mobile needs. Orange provides a mixture of solutions for instance windows mobile professionals can get their hands on windows mobile and widows phone 7. If you’re a Google phone lover there’s a mixture of Android phones and let’s not forget the king of business mobiles, RIM Blackberry. 

Recommended 4G Phones

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