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After man years of non service from Vodafone we were offered the chance to move to Cani for our customer service. What a change and what a service. Nothing to much trouble and what's even better they are proactive. They contact us and tell us what is happening which is great and come up with great suggestions on how things can be improved and at less cost.

They even helped solve technical problem which was done by return email while Vodafone themselves who had been contacted earlier took another 24 hours to respond. This was way beyond what we had expected or hoped for.

I can only say that they are a pleasant change back to the old days of actually providing customer service, rather that just being an email address alone and it is a service we would strongly recommend to anyone.




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I wanted to take this opportunity to write and say how delighted I was with the transfer from our existing mobile phone provider to Cani Telecoms.

We have moved contract once in the past and it was such a traumatic experience I swore I would never go through it again, but as the quality of the service we were getting became intolerable, I had no choice.

It was with great trepidation that I signed up to move our existing numbers and arrange new phones and data dongles for our team. Whilst there are only 17 of us, they are adept at making their displeasure known if things go wrong.

I needn't have worried. The equipment all arrived ahead of schedule; the team love their new phones, without exception (a first!). The actual transfer of the service was so seamless some of the team didn't even notice until after the event.

Cani (namely you) have maintained contact and have been as good as their word with refunding the penalty incurred by moving the contract.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Cani. The patience you showed whilst we endeavoured to select a phone to suit every member of such a diverse team was commendable



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  As with most organisations, we're all to busy to spend time contacting mobile phone suppliers. Getting through the minefield of recorded messages is normally a challenge on its own; "press 1 for this, press 6 for that, press 3 for the other and then press 7 to go back to where you started", it was a refreshing surprise to actually phone Cani Consultancy and speak to a real person. They understood our requirements and delivered the service we were after. With our organisation spread across the country, communication is very important. They take care of any problems immediately, allowing Amber to concentrate on what we do best. We can highly recommend Cani to anyone; only if you want a fast, reliable and friendly service. If not, carry on pressing 1 for this, 3 for the other... 



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  I was contacted by Cani Telecoms and found the information and advice I received very clear and helpful. It seemed a good time to review our existing business mobile package which, at time, got very frustrating and confusing, with our previous network provider proving to be extremely unhelpful and difficult to get hold of. I liked the idea of a 'one-stop shop'. We switched to a new network, got free handsets as part of this new package and the remaining buyout fee from the old contract was reimbursed to us. Overall, the switch over went pretty smoothly and I have found Cani to be helpful, especially with their quarterly analysis of our usage.



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I was approached and decided to let Cani Telecoms help me with the management of my Vodafone account.

Since Steve Clayton, who is my dedicated account manager, and Cani Telecoms have taken over the running of my account I now have a regular point of contact and someone who has the time to investigate where savings can be made on my account.

We are happy to recommend Steve Clayton at Cani Telecoms as we are very pleased with the way he has dealt with our company thus far.


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We were concerned about the transfer of our account from T-Mobile to Vodafone as communication is very important to our business.

James Kerr made the transfer from T-Mobile to Vodafone very smooth and quick, He delt with all the issues and queries promptly and efficiently.

He was Johnny-on-the-spot. Every time we needed help he was there.



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