Vehicle Tracking

TomTom Link 510


Comply with driving hours legislation



Save on fuel


Protect your assets


Provide your customers with the industry's most reliable arrival-time information.


Know exactly where your vehicles are at all times.


Monitor driving behaviour to ensure your mobile workers are driving efficiently and responsibly.

Manage your vehicles more efficiently with the LINK 510 vehicle tracking device. It works in sync with your vehicles' FMS interface and digital tachograph, giving you access to important driving and vehicle data.




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Traffic Avoidance

Fleet management solutions

Vehicle/Fleet Tracking

Real-time location of every vehicle in your fleet

Improved Driver Behavior

Promote safe and efficient driving with real-time driver behavior feedback

Job Dispatch

Deliver a smooth, dynamic and responsive order dispatch and handling service

Driver Safety

Promote a safer driving style across the fleet

Environmental Responsibility

Fluid driving style is more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly than speeding or stop-start driving in heavy traffic

Time Management

Take control of your mobile workforce in the field 


TomTom Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking made easy by TomTom.


  • Simple installation
  • Works out-of the box
  • Easy to use

Fleet Management

Working smarter with TomTom.

  • Teamwork makes all the difference
  • > 28,000 satisfied businesses
  • Pays back within 6 months