We're 4G ready. Are you?

Everyone's agreed - 4G is going to change the way we do business on the move. At last, mobile internet speeds that can keep pace with today's commercial world. But it all depends on mobile phone spectrum. Good job at this year's 4G spectrum auction we picked up a third of the crucial lower (800MHz) frequency, plus a useful amount of higher frequency, essential for densely populated areas. Here's what that auction win means for you when we launch our 4G service:

  • 98% indoor coverage in the UK – we commit to doing this in the next few years as our 4G will travel further indoors than our signal ever has before

  • Blistering browsing, super streaming and express email – work on the go at speeds you'd expect in buildings

  • Much faster file transfers on the go – do stuff out and about rather than waiting till you get back to your home or office

  • Make better-informed decisions - real-time video conferencing, remote desktop sharing and collaboration help people make smarter, quicker decisions.

Vodafone says that's £802 million well spent. And it'll cost your business a whole lot less to make the most of Vodafone 4G.

Vodafone Business Partners

Cani Consultancy are Vodafone business partners. Our close relationship allows us to find the best deals for your work phone at a much more efficient level. Efficiency for us means finding the best deals for you faster. We know Vodafone’s strength’s and weakness which allows us to evaluate the best for your business mobile needs.

Cani Consultancy can provide a wide range of services over the Vodafone network Windows mobiles, Blackberrys, iPhone and Google's Android based devices for your business communications.

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