Hosted Telephony

  Hosted Virtual Telephony (PBX) 
  Flexibility And Freedom
  Easily Managed From Any Device With Net Access.
  Intergration of Voice, Data, Video and Mobile Applications
  Maintenance Packages Availible
  Independent Of Supplier


What Is Hosted Telephony

Hosted virtual PBX, also known as “cloud PBX” or “virtual PBX,” moves the functions of on-site PBX hardware to the cloud. 
Instead of connecting telephones to an on-premise PBX, telephones plug into your router and connect to secure data centres so you can call and receive calls via VoIP. 
You get all the features of an on-premise PBX and more delivered seamlessly to desk phones, computers, and even mobile devices.




We will help you to decide which features, functionality and connections are the best to suit your business. 


Cani Group are totally independent of ANY manufacturer or supplier. we advise on the best solution to suit your needs. 


Analogue, ISDN2, ISDN30 or SIP Trunks can be connected to your system. We will help you pick the best for your business.

System Maintenance

Package that will deal with any problems you may have, delt with quickly and professionally, keeping you operational.


VoIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol

VoIP is, put simply, Internet telephony the transmission of voice traffic over a dedicated high-speed broadband connection instead of traditional wires. 
It is the latest technology for voice services in the UK but is totally dependent upon quality of service (QOS) via broadband.