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Mobile Phone & Gadget Insurance

Insurance & Extending Warranty

Collection repair and return Service

Extremely Fast and Effective Claims

Extremely Fast and Effective Claims


Mobile Device Insurance 

We provide a wide range of insurance solutions to fit any business type or size. For most businesses being without your mobile phone for days or weeks can have a major effect on your business hy its device cover is an essential part of keeping your business running smoothly.


Mobile Office Businesses

Mobile office devices are what keep our businesses running smoothly. It’s not uncommon to take an important call or give a presentation whilst on the go. That’s why protecting your customers' assets and securing the quick replacement of their gadgets is definitely a sound investment. Whether it is a laptop, smartphone or a tablet, it can be costly to replace. Protect your customers' gadgets with our insurance cover, to give you peace of mind.


if you mobile phone or device is stolen, including from a secure vehicle or premises we will replace it


Accidental Loss here the gadget has been accidentally left by you in a location and you are permanently deprived of its use

Accidental and Liquid Damage

any damage, including damage caused by fire and/or liquid damage, caused to your gadget which was not deliberately caused by you or any other person

Business and imediate family Cover

Your employees, mother, father, children, spouse or domestic partner who resides with you.

Breakdown Cover / Extended Warranty

If your gadget suffers electrical breakdown which occurs outside of the manufacturers guarantee period, we will repair it. This cover is not available on laptops.

Worldwide Cover

his policy is extended to include use of gadgets anywhere in the world for any trip


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