Cloud Desk 

Exclusive Hosted Offer

Cani's Cloud Desk offers you a fully hosted PBX Solution free for six months and we are so confident you would love it that there is no contract there after.

Taking communications to a whole new level


When we say zero we are serious.

This offer is like no other, you can have a full-featured phone system with all the bells and whistles for nothing for 6 months, all you need to do is say yes!

Our Cloud Desk Service Plans

Cloud Smart

Cloud Desk Pro

  • UK phone number

  • 1000 UK / Mobile Landline Minutes

  • Auto Attendant

  • Voicemail to email

  • Hunt Group

  • Pick Up Groups

  • Music on Hold

  • Queues with wrap up

  • Call Recording

  • Conferencing

  • Anonymous Call rejection

  • Softphones for all devices

  • Softphone App

  • Multiple number presentation

  • Simple user web-based portals

  • Powerful admin portal

  • UK Support

  • UK Based carrier-grade platform

  • Secure – all technology housed in high availability Telehouse environments 

  • SLA – Industry standard SLA in place to ensure excellent service levels

Cloud Complete

All Smart User Features, plus:

  • ​​Click to Call integration

  • Presence

  • Google Integration

  • Screen Pop

  • Outlook integration

  • Google Contacts

  • Skype for Business Integration

  • Integrated Softphone


All Smart + Pro User Features, plus:

​​• Complete CRM Integration

What are the benefits of hosted telephony?

There are lots of misconceptions based on other internet call services that they may have used in the past. However, the important thing to remember with VoIP is that the quality of VoIP calls depend on the quality of the internet connection, however, we can advise if your internet connection is suitable and recommend the best solution to suit.


The hosted system can easily be rolled out to users at different sites as well as home-based workers, making it the best solution for businesses with mobile workforces or multiple office locations.


Migrating from traditional phone lines to VoIP can significantly reduce costs for businesses of all sizes. This approach reduces calls to zero between company sites wherever in the world, offering significantly lower cost on calls and tens of thousands of pounds saved on purchasing expensive local server based telephone systems and maintenance costs.


The Hosted system will give you 98% uptime, as even if you lose your internet connection in your office, your calls will be pushed  over your mobile network instead meaning your calls will never die, they will be routed over the internet to a mobile number or a landline number in the event of your internet connection dropping out.


When BT Switch off ISDN lines

When BT switch off ISDN lines, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

  • This is a great opportunity to explore the benefits of a cloud phone system with its inherent no end of life benefits and many other features, including:

  • As you may or may not know, in the future BT have confirmed that they will be switching off all ISDN phone lines, at this point many thousands of businesses will have no choice but to migrate to something new.


  • Remote working is available from day one with softphones for either mobility or home working

  • In-built disaster recovery

  • Queues for calls with comfort music so the customer gets the best experience

  • Wrap up time so staff can complete admin tasks associated with the previous call before they are presented with the next call

  • Zero maintenance charges as there is no on-premise hardware

  • Less power consumption due to less on-site hardware

  • The configurable auto attendant that can be adjusted daily if required

  • Admin portals for self-administration of all features

  • Busy lamp fields and pick up groups

  • Voicemail to email and to the handset




Cloud Desk Features


Video Conferencing

Call Recording

Advanced Telephone Features

Geo to Non Geo

Call Centre 

Call Analytics

Call Centre

Music on Hold

Soft Phone App

Mobile App

Call Centre


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